Two meetings a month are held at Trinity School, usually the 1st ("1st Mtg") and 3rd ("2nd Mtg") Mondays of each month [this may vary depending upon fall of public holidays - see "Meetings Calendar" page for details].

The address is: Trinity School, Shirley Park, CROYDON, CR9 7AT and meetings start at 7.45p.m.
The School Entrance is part way down the eastern side of the building and marked "Reception" in the school grounds.
We usually meet either in the Sandison Room (through Reception area and first room on the right) OR in the Rehearsal Room (through Reception area and second room on the right).


The map below shows the surrounding roads and the two entrances to the school grounds.
The approximate location of the entrance to the building is also shown.
[Map courtesy of Google Maps].

Map of Meeting Place