Club Construction Project 2017

The Club Construction Project this year (2017) is slightly different in as much as there are 2 options for members to build.

The Project is a low-cost Digital Storage Oscilloscope Kit but there are 2 versions available and members can choose which one they build…
DSO 062 (see JYE Tech 062 )
DSO 138 (see JYE Tech 138 )

Both kits are made by JTE Tech (in China) and available from a number of suppliers.  It is suggested you purchase a kit with the SMD comonents already assembled.

There are lots of pics, full specification and prices available on the internet.  If you want more info, contact one of the Committee Members or use the “Contact Us” webform.

The July “B” Meeting will be an opportunity to either start construction or test a ready-built unit.