Equipment Loan T&Cs

Please read this carefully before requesting loan of equipment

1.       The club will run an equipment loan scheme for the benefit of members.

2.       All members who are fully paid up, and have attended at least 3 club meetings in the last year, and have been a member for a least 1 year, are eligible to receive equipment loans.

3.       While all equipment is not knowingly lent in a defective state, any member using the equipment loan scheme must satisfy themselves they are competent to judge the safety of, and use safely any item of equipment borrowed. Anyone having any doubts about their competency to make such judgements, or carry out any required actions to make safe, should not seek an equipment loan.

4.       Members receiving equipment loans are responsible for making good any loss or damage of equipment that occurs while in their possession and must undertake to transport, store and use equipment safely and within specification.

5.       All equipment owned by the club and where it is located is recorded in the Treasurer’s Journal and is presented in monthly Treasurer Reports to committee (covered by existing decision).

6.       All equipment will be available for an initial loan period of one month, but may be varied at the time of initial loan, or later by the Equipment Officer as they see fit to meet club needs or competing demand from members.

7.       Requests for equipment loans should normally be done via email to the Equipment Officer () CC’d to

8.       The Equipment Officer will maintain a record of the condition of items of equipment.

9.       The Equipment Officer will maintain an Equipment Loan Book recording what is being loaned, to whom and for how long, and from what date, and when returned, and noting any. issues arising from the loan.

10.     The Equipment Officer will notify the Treasurer by email CC’ing of any equipment loans made.

11.     The Equipment Officer can, if they feel necessary, require return of loaned equipment earlier than was agreed at the start of the loan.

12.     The Equipment Officer will check equipment on return and record any issues arising.