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Does your station compy with  the EMF Field Exposure Regulations

6th Sept 2021 - Peter G3ZPB

Peter Introduction: Video Part #1

RSGB Presentation: RSGB Tonight @ 8 Presentation

Peter Tea Break: Video Part #2

Peter - Excel Spreadsheet + Discussion: Video Part #3

The RSGB - January 2021 - Alun G4WGE

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Using the Icom IC-9700 Transceiver - 6th January 2020 - Peter G3ZPB

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BITX  20 Meter Transceiver project - 6th Sept 2010 - Steve G4FYF

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Understanding and Using the FUNcube 1 and Saudi-Sat Amateur Radio Satellites;

Mike Parkin

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Converting Computer Power Supplies for Amateur use -7th Nov 2005 - Pat G4FDN

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5MHz Experiment - 15th Nov 2004 - John Gould G3WKL

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Home Brewing - 5th Jan 2004 - Gareth G4XAT

Part #1
Part #2

Smoking Food - 5th Jan 2004 - Gareth G4XAT

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Telescopes - What you can get and What you can see - 1st Dec 2003 - Peter G4WPB

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Getting Out on Top Band - 3rd Nov 2003 - Gareth G4XAT

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The G5RV Antenna Revisited

Mike Parkin, G0JMI - 16th June 2014

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Home Brew PCB Design and manufacture

Steve G4FYF

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SRCC Construction Project 2015

Component tester theory. Pat G4FDN

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Antenna Modelling G3WRR, Sept 2015

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How Not to Win National Field Day  G3WRR, Feb 2017

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The Architecture & Functionality of Low Cost
Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
- by G4FDN



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