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We regret the SRCC is unable to offer Courses or specific training to become a Radio Amateur at this time.  However, we can assist you in finding something suitable.

As you may know, a detailed knowledge of morse code is no longer required to obtain a licence, although there is a very simple practical session as part of the foundation licence.

Also, the Amateur Radio Examination syllabus is changing in 2019 and you should consider this change when deciding which course to attend.  Exams will run on the old syllabus until October 2019 and on the new syllabus from August 2019 (i.e. exams will be available for both for a short period).

The UK has a multiple licence system with 3 levels:
The Foundation and Intermediate licences are obtained through practical assessments and a multiple choice exam.
The Advanced exam, to obtain the full licence, has a multiple choice exam, with no practical element.

Details of each new syllabus can be found here Syllabus for 2019 onwards.

There are a number of local radio clubs (mostly in south east London and Kent) that run training courses under the “South East Tutors” name.  Full details may be found at SouthEastTutors.

You might also be interested in the fact that there is a “Ham Radio Training Academy”  located at ML&S, Wessex House, in Staines upon Thames which has a large dedicated area on the first floor. It was purpose built to allow prospective candidates to gain the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced (Full) Amateur Radio Licences.  Details are at MartinLynch&Sons.