SRCC League Table


Five entries were received for the March League Table, the same as in February. Although Peter G3ZPB was not able to submit an entry this time, it is good to see any entry from Ian M0CGF despite having to spend time working in Bangladesh. The monthly results are as shown below:

G4FFY 43389
G4FYF 321268
M0LEP 9120

The following notes come from the entrants…

M0CGF: Had a few weeks at home, managed a bit of mobile and some work from home. Back to Bangladesh early May I think!

G4FFY: It was a very quiet month with a token entry in the 144+432MHz March 2024 Contest. No March FT4 Contest as at the Club and the March UKACS coincided with our Northern Lights and Lapland Tour. As of end-March 2024 I’m still on 161 DXCC’s.

G4FYF: Radio activity somewhat slack for most of March. Some time spent on WPX contest over Easter weekend made March entry a bit more respectable. Majority of QSOs on 10 meters. 

G3WRR: All contacts made in the Commonwealth Contest (BERU) but fewer exotic Commonwealth countries on this year. 

M0LEP: I didn’t even get my radio out of its box in Kenya this time, as there was too much family stuff going on. However, I did get a little on-air time during March from mostly not so sunny Dursley.

The cumulative scores are shown below. Being early in the League Table year, cumulative positions are rather more volatile than they will be later on. Nevertheless the two top stations retain their February positions, with G4FYF moving up one place to third, displacing G3WRR to fourth. M0CGF’s first entry brings him into the table in fifth place moving M0LEP down one place to sixth.

G3ZPB 6983152
G4FYF 284068136
G3WRR 631842123
M0LEP 14222056

The SFI continues to be volatile but remains well ahead of predictions with just over a year until the forecast peak of cycle 25. Another noticeable factor is that the A & K indices have also been volatile and higher than usual, which is believed to have led to 10m conditions in BERU not being as good as expected. Without looking scientifically at the correlation between SFI / A&K numbers it does feel as if they may be related. Hmm…time to go and revisit “Sun, Earth and Radio” by J.A.Ratcliffe which is my bible on the subject…

73, Quin G3WRR  SRCC Leaguemeister