Special Sale

The SRCC G4CCW Silent Key Equipment Sale - October 2018

On-line bidding has now closed and the auction will continue in the normal way at the SRCC Meeting commencing at 20:00hrs on Monday 15th October 2018.

The latest bids for each item are shown here...

LOT#Brief DescriptionGuide PriceHighest Bid
1Headphones Yaesu YH55 8ohms Mono£8£8
3Headset Adaptor Hi to lo Impedance£1
4Component Box Tinplate Small Black£1
5Realistic Dynamic Microphone (Shure)£25
62nd Realistic Dynamic Microphone (Shure)£25
7ASony Microphone ECM99£15
7BSony Base for ECM99Free with 7A
8Philips Dictaphone/Tape Recorder Microphone£3
9Sony Dynamic Stereo Microphone F99T£10
10RAF Hand Microphone No 3£offers£17
11Hahnel Zoom Microphone£20
12Hand Microphone Air Force?£offers£2
13Coronet Box Camera£10
14Retinette 1B Kodak Camera£15
15Activa Lens Hood£2
16Mains Slide Viewer£1
17Opera Glasses£10
19Rolls Classic Razor£offers
20Morse Key NYE USA£15
21NA|TO Morse Key£30
22Straight Morse Key - Hinged Cover£15£10
24Bencher Morse Paddle + SEM Iambic Keyer£70
25Straight Morse Key - Enclosed£15
26Airfix PSU 12V 1.5A dc£10
27Power Plus PSU 13.5V 5A dc£20
28Drae PSU 13.8V 6A dc£30
29Altai PSU 13.8V 3A dc£20
30AM1942 Thermocouple Ammeter£15
31AM1941 Thermocouple Ammeter£15
32Thermocouple Ammeter£15
33Homebrew Antenna Current Thermocouple Meter£20
34Homebrew Antenna Current Meter via Curent Sampler£5
35Large DC Milliammeter£5
36Avometer 8£30
37Sangomo Weston Bakelite Voltmeter£20
38Test Set 26 - Cable Tester£20
39Marmalade Orange Cutter£2
40Induction Coil?£20
42Realistic Stereo Mixer Deck 6-channel£30
43ATrio Portable Transceiver TR2300 2m£15£10
43BTrio FM Amp VB2300 & Car Mounting£15£5
49Hand Megger Insulation Tester£35
50Welz DL-600 Dummy Load 50ohm£50
53BC221 Frequency Meter£75
55VL-532 Video Light Unit£5
56Daiwa CN620A SWR & Power Meter£45
57Power & SWR Meter£20
58Hansen Labs Field Strength Meter£offers£5
59US Signal Corps Field Strength Meter£40
60Kenwood LF-30A Low Pass Filter£50
61Telco Channel Guard XL-1000 Low Pass Filter£20
62CB Transceiver 27/81£20
63LAR VHF Omni-Match£40
64Yaesu FC-902 ATU£120
65Redifon ATU6288R£60
66Nombrex 31 Signal Generator RF & AF£30£15
67Nombrex 30 Audio Generator£30
70AEC 3-way Antenna Coaxial Switch£10
71Mains Safeblock£5£5
72Hitachi Cassette Tape Recorder£offers
112Grampian Ribbon Desk Microphone£offers
113Sony Dynamic Microphone£5£7
125MFJ CW Audio Filter£20
132Antenna Current Thermocouple Meter£20
135DC Milliammeter in Die Cast Box£1

Note - Bidding on this sale is only open to fully paid up members of SRCC.
The auction will continue at the SRCC Meeting commencing at 20:00hrs on Monday 15th October 2018.
Your attention is drawn to the fact that if an acceptable bid for any item is not received, the item may be withdrawn from sale. An acceptable bid is one considered high enough in relation to the "Guide Price" set out above.