In my role as SRCC Secretary I have received the following from Chris G4BUE. This information has already been included in the October SRCC Newsletter but it’s being “double headed” here as it might reach a wider audience. There is some very stuff available so it really is well worth a look!

“G4BUE Amateur Radio Sale


After 47 years of being a hoarder and building up a large store of amateur
radio equipment, sadly I have reached the stage of life where we have to
down-size to a smaller house with less land where I will not be able to make
use of, or have the room to store, much of my equipment. I am therefore
offering it for sale before, perhaps, donating it to a club, or even scrapping

Whilst I am happy to package and send smaller items through the mail, I do not
have the time to despatch the larger items which will only be available to
personal callers. I have a large amount of other amateur radio equipment, that
is too numerous to list separately, and most of which will be offered free to
personal caller purchasers.

I haven´t priced each item because I don´t have the time to research what each
item is worth etc, but if you let me know anything you are interested in, then
I will send you a postage / shipping cost, and I am sure we can come to an
agreement on the price. Most of the equipment can be sold cheaply as I just
wish to dispose of it.

Please email me at if you would like more information about
something or would like to visit and look at what I have. I am retired and am
generally available most of the time.

I am adding new items all the time, so please look back from time to time. I
will delete items as I sell them.



I am also selling our QTH and have put the details on my website above. I
would love to split the estate agent´s commission with a radio amateur
purchaser (and save me having to dismantle the towers, antennas and station),
or split the commission with someone who introduces a purchaser to me.”

73, Quin G3WRR


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