New SRCC Rig

Hi to all SRCC Members,
The Committee is seriously considering the purchase of a new Transceiver.
This could be used at Club Nights to put a station on-the-air, external Club Events and/or could be borrowed by Members for short periods.
The current preferred option is the new ICOM IC-9700 plus Tri-band Antenna.
As many of you know, the IC-9700 is a multi-mode rig covering 2m, 70cms and 23cms. This means it can be used by all classes of licence-holder.
It is comparatively easy to learn to use having normal controls for Volume, RF Gain/Squelch, Tuning and PTT. There is then a “touch-screen” for most other functions including Band-change (touch the MHz part of the display) and Mode (touch the displayed Mode).
It combines this simple mode of operation with a very wide list of advanced features including a Spectrum Scope, D-STAR Operation, built-in receiver preamplifiers, Speech Compressor, adjustable Filter widths etc., etc.
We would welcome your thoughts here before making a final decision.
Peter, G3ZPB
SRCC Chairman.



  1. Might be nice to have a good RF power meter for equipment loan that can do DC-6GHz, should such a thing exist.
    Or a portable tower, ie one on a trailer?

  2. Gareth

    GHo along with the idea of a Club owned Tower, but where would we keep it – secure – undamaged?


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