SRCC and VHF National Field Day

It would be great to have some new team members to maintain the reasonably successful contest performance of previous years.  This should give previous non-attenders a chance to
see what it is like, including the fun and camaraderie that can be enjoyed, and consider whether they might like to join the usual suspects in 2024! This will be followed by a discussion of SRCC’s intended participation in 2024. (For the last decade or so our activity has been from a site on Warlingham Ridge as part of North-East Surrey Contest Group – a loose confederation of SRCC, Coulsdon ATS (CATS), Addiscombe ARC (in earlier years) and a few non-club aligned individuals and we expect this to be the case this year too). It will be a chance to plot out what we intend to do, what section to enter, etc. and put together outline plans while we still have eight weeks to hammer out the details.

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